News Update 6 10 2020

In our quest to connect and welcome the Epic Games Store players we have the following updates :


EGS players can now be included in the regular leaderboards and all EGS Ranked games should be reported in #ranked_reporting. If we determine that there is enough support for a separate leaderboard, we will make that happen.


The EGS players have not been following CPL rules, and the moderators have been lax on enforcing them during this initial start up period. Going forward, we will be enforcing the rules for all those games. You need to be very aware of the CPL rules, which you can find in #rules.


Have a suggestion for the server or to make EGS games better? Please use the new #egs-suggestions channel. @Franksa and @[smolPP] Yoshi🦕 will be the Point of Contacts for that channel and can help turn your suggestions into reality.

We recognize there are more and more players joining from the EGS Platform and we will do our best to provide them with as much help as possible!