Download the latest version of Discord by going to their official website :Register your account with Discord and connect to the CPL Server using this invite link :

After you join the CPL Discord please type .register in the #welcome channel and follow the steps required for registration.

When you completed registration you can join one of our staging channels.

Click on the channel name to connect to it on voice.

CPL currently hosts FFA, Team, Duel and Novice games.

If you prefer Unranked or Other type of game you are also welcome to !

We kindly remind you to use Push-to-talk when using our voice channels.

Have fun and remember to play fair !

A game host will announce a new lobby either using the voice channel, #general-chat or #lobby-links .

Usually the tag coresponding to the game type will be used along side the direct link to the ingame lobby such as

Click on the steam join link and it will connect you to the ingame lobby

Please be careful to join the correct staging link as there may be multiple announcements at the same time.

Play with us