News Update 6 12 2020

10 minute quit rule:
If you quit a game and the game is conceded or scrapped before your 10minute grace period has expired, you will be issued a quit if you fail to communicate anything in Discord.

Clarification on Remaps:
When asking for a remap, you must choose to use EITHER the old remap rule (The game lobby votes, a 66% majority is needed for it to pass, simple majority, 51% in teamers) or the bot in #remaps. You cannot use one rule and then the other if the first one fails.

Clarification on Stacked Units:
If you have multiple units of the same type (land or sea etc) stacked you have two options; -Move another unit to free up space for one of the stacked units, you may only do this IF the following action unstacks the unit, you may not move multiple units to free up a hex. -Delete one of the stacked units.

Ranked Reset:
On the Monday following the conclusion of the CCC, all player stats will be reset.

Scrapped Game Reporting:
If you are reporting a scrapped game, please post the net_connection debug file which can be found at Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization VI\Logs

Please continue to support CPL via Patreon (, donating !donate or Discord boosting our server, if you’re also interested in applying to be a moderator, please use the form below.

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