To request a remap with a screenshot, type `.remap <link to image>` in the #remaps Discord channel. A bot will delete your message and repost the image to provide some anonymity. The vote will be up for 2 minutes and whatever has the most votes will win. For ties, use the below, in-game rules. Those in-game rules can still be used if desired, but this new system will supersede in-game votes. Note that only the original requester may post a screenshot of their own spawn to the #remaps channel, and you may only choose the old way of voting or the new way, not both.


  • – FFA

    • A player can request only one ‘remap’ on or before turn 10. It requires at least a 66% majority vote to pass.  This applies to remap votes with no screenshot.
    • Only a max of 2 players may propose remaps votes, so as to avoid lots of separate votes.

    • – Team

      • A remap may be granted on or before turn 10 with a simple majority vote.
      • Each team gets only 1 remap request.

      • – Automatic re-maps

        • If a player cannot settle 3 additional cities all within 5 tiles of capital (must be accessible without crossing water, mountains, or other blocking features/terrains), an automatic remap will be granted.


      • – Overall

        • In a game with random civilizations, players must random again if a remap is agreed upon. Only by a simple majority vote may players keep the same civilizations.
        • Players are required to stay for the first 2 remaps. If a 3rd vote passes, they are allowed to leave the game.
        • Due to the timer beginning at the time of the civ draft, remaps do not reset the timer for a timed game.
        • If not using the Better Balanced Starts mod, a remap request must be granted if 2 players’ initial settlers are spawned (not settled) less than 9 tiles from each other or less than 6 tiles from a CS or less than 5 tiles from the edge of the map. Screenshot proof is required, but if proven, no vote is necessary and the remap request must be granted. 


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