BBG Update 3.12.x

3.12.2 version changes :

– egypt +1 food on floodplains removed
– hacienda comes at medieval faires instead of mercantilism
– sakas back to not requiring horsies

3.12.1 version changes :

– saka horse archers require 5 horses
– observatory citizens yields increased to 3 from 2 to match other citizen yield buffs
– norway melee boat producion nerf removed, back to +50% melee boat production
– armory makes 1 niter per turn
– paititi nerfed to 1 gold and 1 culture instead of 3 and 2
– bermuda triangle no longer gives science to tiles
– liang zoning commish changed to +1 prod per pop and moved to last promo
– liang reinforced materials gives +1 prod to floodplains and volcanic soil, also moved to first on left promo
– liang parks and rec (city parks) promo moved to 2nd on left
– magnus’ black marketeer and victor’s nuke production promos swapped
– favor per owned capital reduced to -2 from -5
– Mayan start biases: after coastals and tundra and desert; make flat land bias last resort; delete non-plantation lux biases; add banana bias
– colombia cannot recruit generals
– columbia llanero adj combat bonus nerfed to +2 from +4
– colombia’s +1 movement for all units replaced with +1 sight
– hacienda comes at feudalism instead of mercantilism
– hacienda extra yields come in ren era instead of modern