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GS Player’s Championship

Fight your way through the ranks in a free for all type tournament.

Starting 31 January 2020

Reserve your slot today on #gspc-schedule-and-reservations channel in CPL Discord !

Check out the rules and game settings :


CivFR 2 vs 2 Tournament

Our friends from the french community are hosting a tournament starting 18th of November 2019.

It is a double bracket elimination with at least 8 map types in rotation.

For more details and streams available check :

CPL Challenge India 400x400

February 2020


Domination or Religion ?
Your choice !

How will you take over the world with Ghandi ?

Find out more about this month’s challenge and download the save file now !

Amateurs Tournament

A Free-for-all championship that will last a month starting the 1st of March !

It will feature 3 different rounds and it is designed for our Novice players

For more details and information check :

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