– Sub Rules

If players need and wish to find a substitute for a missing player, no vote is necessary if the subbing player is within 2 skill levels of the player being subbed.

For a non-team game,

If a player is looking to sub into a game and they are not within 2 ranks of the original player, any player may object to allowing the sub before they join the game and hold a vote. The vote passes with a simple majority.

For a team game,

for a player that is more than 2 skill levels difference, each team must have a separate majority vote to allow the player in. A player can be subbed in by another player within 2 skill levels of the player being subbed without a vote. The higher of the two ratings (Team or FFA) will be used


– A sub has officially joined the game after ending their first turn. Up until that point, they are free to leave a game that they subbed into. This means that you should take your time and understand the position you are subbing into, because you’re locked into the game after you end your turn.

– If players cannot find and agree to a sub within 10 minutes, a concede and a scrap vote must happen, in any order. If they both fail, the game must continue with an AI.

– 3 subs per month are deemed reasonable. 4 or more subs in the same month will each be treated as a 3 day suspension.

– You no longer need to have an emergency to sub out of a game… You may sub out for any reason, but more than 3 in a month will be punished, as mentioned above.

– To be clear, finding an acceptable sub prior to you leaving the game does not count as a quit, but does count towards your current sub count

– You are not considered released from a game until your sub clicks the end turn button. You may be considered a quitter if you do not wait.

– You may not sub into a game in which you have already been playing, but you may rejoin a FFA game that you were a part of as long as you reclaim your original civ and the remaining players vote in a majority to allow you to join back

If no sub is found within 10 minutes of a quit, and the game continues with AI, no sub will be allowed



– Swapping players/civs in a team game

                     – You can swap players/civs according to the basic Sub rules

                     – The players must be within 2 skill levels of each other or the opponent team(s) must allow the swap with a majority vote

                     – In order to complete a swap, the player being swapped into must no longer be part of the game

                     – They must either get a successful irrelevancy vote from their team,  have a legal death condition which allows them to leave the game, or have already died/left the game.

Note: that this will leave one player on the team as an AI

When reporting a team game with swaps in it, just simply swap the players/civs… do not use the word sub, as this will not technically count as a sub


– Pre-Game Replacement

      • After the game vote is completed but before the game countdown reaches zero, a player may find a replacement within 2 skill levels as long as the host does not object.  If the replacement is more than 2 skill levels above the player, the lobby must vote unanimously to agree. This does not count as a sub for the player being replaced.

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