All exploits unless explicitly white-listed are banned

Whitelisted Exploits

– Production Rollover

Production can be saved for a maximum of one turn by either not choosing something to produce or clearing the production queue and letting the turn automatically roll over.

– Settler Lens

Using the settler lens (Default 4 on the keyboard) allows you to find other players and city state cities that are in fog of war, shown by red hexes up to 4 tiles away from a potential city.

– Loyalty Lens

Using the loyalty lens (Default ?? on the keyboard) gives a rough idea on where a player you have met is in relation to a city state, shown by the loyalty pressure, with -20 being the closest to the target player.

Blacklisted Exploits

– Aid Mission/Pillage/Loyalty Abuse

* You may not collude with another player to pillage and repair each others’ tiles. 

* You may not abuse loyalty and/or city-states to repeatedly pillage tiles or gain additional diplomatic favor from multiple liberations.

* You may not collude with another player to send resources back and forth during Send Aid missions.

* Aid missions are completely banned in team games


– Unit stacking

You are not allowed to stack multiple units of the same type (land, sea, etc..). If this happens, only moves that directly lead to unstacking the units may be made until the units are no longer stacked. If you end up not being able to make any moves to unstack, one of the stacked units must be immediately deleted before taking any other actions. Under no circumstances can any attacks be made until after you resolve the stacking.

There are also times where one of your units may stack on your own or an opposing player’s unit (almost always accidental). If this happens, the player who stacked on top, must unstack at the first available opportunity… i.e. You may not perform any other moves on the next turn until you unstack.

Any methods of intentionally stacking units (disembarking, fog of war, etc) are not allowed.

Stacking units is discouraged, if you notice a player has stacked units you may pause the game or simply ask the other player to unstack, upon unpausing, the offending players first action MUST to unstack the unit.


– Relic Abuse

You may not generate relics through collusion using Apostle and/or Missionary martyr abilities.


– Zone of Control Exploit

The use of the linking and unlinking mechanic of the game to bypass the zone of control on military units is strictly forbidden.


– Resource Duplication

You may not perform trades that would exploit a bug in which more resources can be generated than are available for trade.


– Amani Abuse

When at war, if you remove Amani from a city-state that you are suzerain of, you may not place her back into that city-state for 5 turns (so that she takes no less than 5 turns to re-establish). If you do so, any other player may request and must be granted a relobby.


– Duplicate Religion

If two Religions are founded with the same icon the game will bug, to avoid this it is required that icons are chosen separately, if two of the same icons are chosen, a re-lobby must occur on the turn of the duplicate icons being chosen as long as it was 5 or less turns ago.

Teamers: In a team game it is forbidden to have duplicate beliefs within the team, if duplicate beliefs are chosen, a re-lobby must occur on the turn of the duplicate beliefs being chosen as long as it was 5 or less turns ago.

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