51 Percent Tournament main 400x400

15th January 1400 GMT / 0900 EST

ZoC presents: 51% Clear out that post-festive malaise, with a cheeky game to celebrate women in Civilization 2v2v2v2v2 competition with £51 Amazon gift card for the winning pair.

Women make up half the world, so why not the gaming community!Civ is one of few games not targeted at teenage boys, and I know there are plenty of women playing it – I just want you to be more visible and get into the competitive, multiplayer scene!
This is a one off 2v2v2v2v2 (max 6 pairs) match to emphasise sex equality in gaming and encourage women to claim our space as half the population.


– All alliance types allowed within your team.
– You are not allowed to declare friendship or trade deals with other teams.
– You may send trade routes to other teams.
– No in game communication about the game with other teams.
– No remaps unless CPL technical (cannot settle 3 cities and within 5 tiles of capital)
– Break rules and all in game rules (re exploits etc) of CPL apply.

Find out more on this tournament on Discord!


In the event that we encounter connection problems resulting in bugged map seed and game becomes unplayable due to drops / desyncs – we will remap in order to fix.

Should a player or pair drop multiple (three) times, they will be excluded from the competition in order to allow for a stable game for the other competitors.

If prior to turn 20, we will restart the game without the pair, if after turn 20, the remaining competitors can choose to vote whether to scrap/restart (unanimous) or continue with AI (majority vote).


Gulsum & Nuri
Cynth & Khornie
Arween & Under
Chandlers & Bari
Poolp & Deluxe Phillipe
Zorah & malm


Winning pair will be decided by victory screen or by unanimous vote to concede by all active pairs.