Our members are Civilization franchise fans who agree to play fairly, respect others, and abide by the rules.
We form a community of serious fans of the Civilization Multiplayer experience, that we call Civilization Players Leagues (CivPlayers for short).

We don’t quit. We don’t cheat. We value good sportsmanship. In short, we love the game.


The basic premise of the league is to facilitate players finding each other, who are devoted to Civilization, so they may compete in a sportsmanlike manner.

Our philosophy is play hard, but play fairly. It is NOT winning at any cost.

Respecting other players, no matter their skill or standings in the league, is the cornerstone of this community;  treat other players, as you would want them to treat you.
Especially show patience to new players that may not understand our culture or how to conduct themselves in the multiplayer world.

We further encourage you to mentor new players, as they are the future of our league, just as the current veterans were once new players.

Remember that you are all ambassadors for CivPlayers; your actions will make the league thrive or become extinct.

The administration will take a very dim view of unsportsmanlike behaviour, such as abusing or harassing (verbally or otherwise) other league members or staff, or sabotaging games. This will result in penalties or possibly immediate expulsion
from the league without warning, depending on the severity of the case.


Civilization Players Leagues (CivPlayers) Civ6 League, uses a skill system to rank players against each other in friendly but often intense and exciting competitive games.

This guarantees
that the top players listed in the rankings are in fact
the best current league players available to be challenged to a game!


CivPlayers draws on a long and distinguished history of Multiplayer Civilization Gaming.

Starting with the Civ3PTW Ladder, Civ3Players Ladder, and CivPlayers Ladder,
all of which used the Cases Myleague System to power the Ladder league.

And then due to the volunteerism of some of our own players who turned programmers,
we designed a Glicko2 based skill ranking for Civ3/4/5.

We draw on this vast amount of experience going back to 2002 the release of Civlization 3 Play the World!

As we move forward with the latest edition to the family, Civilization 6!