Did you join a few lobbies and felt like you we’re always a step behind ? Find out why !
Coaching is the way to connect game veterans with new players eager to learn.
Quickly learn how to improve your gameplay in different aspects of the game. Having someone to ask questions about good city placements, districts, what works and what doesn’t, will make you a better player, faster !
Get ahead of the competition and contact a Coach now !learn from each other

Current Skill + Career High: Usually around Deity/Immortal

Career High: 2326

Preferred Game Mode: Teamers, FFA

Region + Active Hours: East Coast, Message me for times to discuss and improve your gameplay

Preferred Coaching Method: VOD review, Q&A, Playing Team Games

Preferred Player Experience : Intermediate/Advanced, If you show dedication to improving and mastery of basic Civ 6 gameplay I will help you to the next level of play

Experience + Introduction: I have been playing Civilization VI since the base game came out with around 4k hours. I’ve reached the number 1 position in both Rise and Fall and Gathering Storm expansions. I am well experienced in both FFA and team games even though I primarily play team games as of recent. I try to find the most challenging experience every time I play. I hope that I can bring players that have reached a mastery with basic mechanics and allow them to become some of the best players in CPL through practice.

Steam profile : click here

Current Skill & Career High: Diety, 2270

Preferred Game Mode: Teams, FFA, Duels

Region & Active Hours: UK, GMT

Preferred Coaching Method: Q&A’s via PM, voice chats, written guide (currently an ebook covering mainly Basegame+R&F)

Preferred player experience level: All

Introduction & Experience: I’ve been with CPL for several years, competed in 6 CCC’s (1 with KC, 3 with SCRAP, 2 with ZoC), and I’m happy to help any player improve their Civ6 skills.

Steam profile : click here

Current Skill & Career High: Warlord-Prince

Preferred Game Mode: FFA

Region & Active Hours: Pacific Time. UTC -8:00 / -7:00.

Preferred player experience level: First, Code suggested me to apply, second I help out incoming players in CPL and players who have experience but need the extra guidance.

Introduction & Experience: I am very informative on CPL Rules and follow by them regularly. I hate backstabbers and teach basic courtesy to new and current players. I teach them about the unwritten rules and the strategic of making “CPL friends”. I also teach them about the little things that make or break a game. I even go on to share my personal life because it allows me to become closer with fellow players, shoutout to @barsamshokri on Instagram.”

Steam profile : click here

Current Skill & Career High: CWC Season 3 Champ

Preferred Game Mode: 4v4

Region & Active Hours: GMT+2

Preferred Coaching Method: been coaching individually for over a year, tried coaching R30, a brazilian team but the language barrier was too much

Preferred Player Experience: Any

Experience + Introduction: I only care about preparing people for the 4v4 scene to get better competition, dont @me to get solo 2nd in ffas. can help with anything from working on timing pushes, cs control, congress, how to assess your role to the game based on spawn and how to fullfill that role, to team communication

Steam profile : click here

Current Skill & Career High: 2189

Preferred Game Mode: Duel

Region & Active Hours: EST

Preferred Coaching Method: Past professor, private tutoring

Preferred Player Experience: Any

Experience + Introduction: My goal is to expand the league and increase average skills

Steam profile : click here

Current Skill & Career High: 2050

Preferred Game Mode: FFA

Region & Active Hours: CEST

Preferred Coaching Method: Ive coached some friends in civ before

Preferred Player Experience: Any

Experience + Introduction: I waste my time playing civ and have no social life, but eh if were talking about in game i perfect the art of tall setups, simming and culture win. I’m doing coaching to increase skill and player base of CPL and Civ 6 as a whole

Steam profile : click here

Coaching Rules

1. All regular server rules apply to coaches, especially in DMs

2. No requesting or advertising boosting services (i.e. I’ll play with you and help you get a better place in a game)

3. Coaches should be positive, enthusiastic, and above all respectful. Remember, you’re here to help the players out, not the other way around.


Apply for the Coach role

To become a coach, send a message to a Moderator.

Once you’ve been accepted, you can post your introduction in #coach-list using the template pinned in that channel.

Coaches are required to have a minimum of 500 hours of multiplayer experience.


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