Better Balanced Game started out of the need of players to have a level and diverse playfield in the game.  Slowly but surely , civilizations that we’re found to be over-powered or weaker than others have been nerfed or buffed accordingly.

This mod took over a year to develop and maintain by codenaugh and a team of very experienced players from the CPL community. Since late 2020, iElden with Jack The Narrator have taken up responsibility for its development.

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Codenaugh – The motivation behind Better Balanced Game

Originally, I wanted to play a lot of the civs that were always banned due to being extremely overpowered, so I nerfed those abilities on those civs. After that, it was to buff the civs that no one ever picked because they were extremely weak.

Then, I began to buff specific things that were never used, like unique improvements and unique units. More recently, we have been continuing this trend of trying to reel in the more powerful things and buff the less powerful things.

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