– Standard game rules

The below list is game settings which are currently not voted on, and may not be changed without a majority vote or without a host rule being explicitly made in text before the vote.

Turn Timer: Dynamic

Turn Mode: Simultaneous

Smart Timer: Classic

Start Era: Ancient Era

City States: Firaxis Default for Map Size

Game Speed: Online

Map Size: Firaxis Default for Number of Players

Teamers Start Position: Standard

Start Position: Balanced

Temperature: Standard

Rainfall: Standard

Sea Level: Standard

All Games Modes: DISABLED

All Victory Conditions: ENABLED

Limit Turns: By Game Speed

Duplicate Civs and Leaders: ALLOWED

Barbarians ON for FFA and OFF for Teamers

Tribal Villages: ENABLED

Teams Share Visibility: ENABLED



– Victory screen ties

If 2 players get a legit victory on the same turn, highest slot order will get the victory screen, but it will be counted as a tie for 1st.


– City-State Capturing

If you take a city state and the turn rolls over with it in your possession, you are locked to that city state and will not be able to capture any others for the remainder of the game.


– City trading

Trading cities between players is not allowed by default.


– Liberating cities

You may liberate any city so long that it does not bring a computer AI back into the game.


– Late-turn Great Person passing

If you receive a Great Person without having clicked Recruit, and it was due to someone else making a late-turn pass on that Great Person, you are entitled a relobby.


– Trading with AI civilizations

Since the AI is known to make absurd deals, trading with an AI is not allowed with the exception of peace deals and ceding cities. This is not to be confused with sending trade routes. Sending trade routes to other players (including AI) is always allowed, even in No Diplo games.


– Changing captured city-state names

A player may never change the name of a captured city-state. This is to avoid the appearance that a player is trying to hide the fact that he/she captured a city-state, in the hopes of getting away with capturing another one.


– Different war moves

In the event of a reload, players must make the same moves as they did in that turn.  If different war moves do occur, a relobby must be granted if requested by the person(s) affected.


– Intentional Feeding

You are not allowed to expedite being eliminated from the game. This could include not defending yourself, inviting others to conquer you, etc.. This is worse than quitting since you are putting up less of a fight than an AI would.

The way a player votes in World Congress will never be considered intentionally feeding.


– Leaving a game

The host will let you know if a vote has successfully ended the game. The FIRST player to leave without host approval may be subject to punishment if the vote or game was not over, as this tends to cause a chain effect of people leaving when they shouldn’t. If host permission is received, and can be proven (get it in writing) then the responsibility for any improper concedes, scraps, irrelevancy votes lies with the host.


– Diplomatic Victory in Always War

In any Always War game (FFA/Teamers/Tournament game), the Diplomatic victory option should be turned off when the lobby is first created.


– Re-lobby

If you wish to have a relobby for something that does not normally require one, like if you lost a settler to a flood on turn 4 and want to relobby to turn 2, you may now request one. It requires 66% or more of other players voting plus.

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