What is the CWC ?

In short, the CWC is the Civilization World Cup. It is a month and a half long 16 team tournament in an 4v4 team format. It brings together the best teams from all communities around the world. For more information, please follow the link to the CWC Discord server below.


What are the CWC Qualifiers?

Every season, all Civilization VI Communities organize and stage qualifiers for the Civilization World Cup. Teams are fighting for a chance to be part of what is rapidly becoming the biggest tournament for this game.

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What is the tournament format ?

Much like the current season of the CWC, the format will be 4v4 games played on a variety of maps that will differ week to week. It will consist of two stages, a 3 week group stage, and a double bracket stage.

Games scheduling

All games will be played from Wednesday to Sunday of that week. To ease the availability and scheduling, teams that week will be given a 2 day window to schedule their game. If after the 2 day window teams cannot agree to a scheduled time, a time will be given by the tournament staff.

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Qualifier Registration

Requirements for registration are:
Team Name (must be approved by the CPL team)
Team Roster (4-7 players)
Team Logo (must be approved by the CPL team and can be created after registration if time is needed)

– Individual Player’s Nationality
– Individual Player’s Social Media if they wish to promote (Twitch, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, etc)

To register for the tournament, please private message any moderator or admin from CPL. They will verify and approve. Once that happens, your team will be added up to the Current Registered Teams.