– Public Communication

Public communication must be done using English only. Using a language other than English is considered private communication.


– Turn Timer changes

Turn timer changes mid-game can be voted on and requires a majority of all players still in the game.


– Backing out of the Game

The game officially starts when you have clicked the final plus on the game settings vote! If a vote for settings is not used, players can leave a game without penalty as long as they have not clicked the in-game ready button.


– Multiple Drafts

In the event that multiple drafts are finished (all players have clicked plus or manual drafts), the first one printed by the bot must be used. If the first draft cannot be determined, a new draft should be called by the host.


– Quitting a game before permitted:

The game officially starts when you have clicked the final plus on the game settings vote! If a vote for settings is not used, players can leave a game without penalty as long as they have not clicked the in-game ready button.

In order to leave a game you must either lose 66% of your cities or get a successful irrelevancy vote (simple majority vote). We aren’t against you leaving the game as much as we are against your leaving making a considerable impact on the outcome of the game.

The 66% rule only applies to FFA games.


– AFK Policy

If you feel a player has gone AFK, please pause the game during the last 20 seconds of the current turn. Inform the player via in-game chat and Discord or private message. If the player does not respond to
someone within 10 minutes the host should kick that player and the winner should report the kicked player as if they quit the game. Multiple instances of going AFK or quitting for less than 10 minutes (not responding during a pause under this rule) or excessive invocation of this rule in the same game may also be deemed unsportsmanlike conduct at the discretion of the mod team. 


The AFK policy need not be invoked during breaks or pauses for voting which are AFK time by default. If a break has occurred players are deemed AFK 1 minute after the break ends.


– Draft Trading

If draft trading is permitted by vote, players are allowed to trade another player’s civ options with any player of their choosing as long as both parties are in agreement. You must trade all of your draft picks.


– Drafting Civs you don’t own

If a player receives a draft where they do not own that specific DLC civ(s), they must choose from the option(s) that they have left (or trade as per rule above). If a player receives a draft where they do not own any civ, the host will separately draft him/her a civ using the .draft-1 command. This will be done after everyone else has picked their civ, and the player must pick the first civ in that draft command that nobody chose and is not banned.


– Friendship/Ally Limits

Friendships and Alliances are limited to the number voted on by players with the VoteBot.  There are no exceptions and AI Friendships/Alliances count towards this number.  Due to this change you may start or renew Friendships/Alliances with the AI.

Extra unofficial friendships/alliances are allowed, but be warned, these are non-binding.


– Custom Host Rules

If you want to have a custom rule in your game, like banning a pantheon for example, you must post the rule in #voting before you post the vote. This ensures that the rule was not created after people have started voting on things. For example, it prevents the host from banning fractal, if he/she sees the votes start to collect on fractal.
Any host rule which doesn’t allow ‘toxicity’ or cheating or singular/minority benefit is allowed.


– Reporting Games

The winning player (or team captain) of a game, is ultimately responsible for reporting said game within 2 hours. Failure to do so will result in the winner being removed from the report and receiving a Minor Tier infraction. If the order can not be decided on, the game will be scrapped and all players, other than the winner, will receive 5 points.


– Incorrect game reports


If a report is not fixed 48 hours after posting, i.e. when we are due to log it into the history, the reporter will receive a minor infraction penalty.


– Attempting to negatively affect the community

Any action involving flame wars, encouraging members to break rules, hack, cheat, falsifying reported game results, impersonating another member or publicly recruiting away from our group are forbidden.  (To be clear….you ARE allowed to join and participate in other groups and communities but suggesting for players to leave this one to join another one will be taken as a serious offense).

NOTE: Rule breaking events that can be fixed by relobbying must be. These include, but are not limited to:

    • Great Person passing
    • Different war moves
    • Capturing and keeping more than the allowed number of City-States
    • Amani abuse


– Self Suspensions

We are finding it difficult to keep consistency with self suspensions and therefore have decided that we will no longer be applying/accepting them. Sorry for any trouble this may cause you.


NOTE: Admins/Mods have the right to issue temporary penalties until other members of the Admin/mod team can review the case and issue a formal review in #suspended_players. Even if your case is issued a verdict by the admin/mod team, you have the right to appeal for a second review of the case by the Vice Admins and Head Admin.


NOTE: We also reserve the right to determine what conduct we consider to be a violation of the rules.


– Stream sniping

Watching a stream related to an ongoing game, that you are apart of, is not allowed.


– Asking to leave a channel

Upon request, members of CPL Discord must leave a game channel immediately if they are not a part of the game.
* An exception is if the member not playing the game is there to watch a Discord stream. They must be muted and deafened at all times.


– Infinite turns

For an infinite turn, players have 5 minutes to complete their turn. At the end of which, the host may force end the turn using MPH. Any other uses of the force end function require mod approval.

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