Better Balanced Starts was originally started as a fun project by wazabaza. Because his favorite gametype was Teamers, preferably 6v6, he noticed that players do not get the same chance from spawn.
Deciding to change that, he created the original version of the BBS Mod. It got immediate attention and recognition in the CivPlayers League and it is now being used in all league ranked games.
BBS is being updated and maintained by Jack The Narrator now.

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Jack The Narrator  РDescribing the Mod

BBS is designed to provide a fair experience in multi-player while still embracing the randomness at the heart of the Civilization franchise. Original map scripts are kept (and some new ones added) but the terrain distribution is altered with overall less snow and desert.

Spawns location are allocated in a different way guaranteeing more space between players and a bigger emphasis on each Civilization’s starting bias e.g. only Russia and Canada can spawn in Tundra.

Lastly, the resources balancing algorithm has been enhanced: your production and food around the spawn would depend on the other’s player average (with a minimum guaranteed) and strategic resources will be given according to your starting era.”

Wazabaza – The spark behind the Mod

The motivation behind creating the mod was that I was personally tired of spawing with zero hills while my enemies had a plentiful amount.

In a Norway game, I spawned inland on the edge of tundra with no hills in sight.

I never wanted to deal with that again…

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