– Voting via Text

All votes need to be done primarily in the in-game chat. Votes in discord chat may only be held if the game is being relobbied. Voting via voice chat is no longer permitted. All votes should be held in the last 20 seconds of the turn while the game is paused unless the game has already been paused for another reason. Voting must not take place during a break and if a vote has been requested it must be completed before another vote can take place or a break is started.


– Voting Resolution

The host is responsible for resolving all votes. A vote is not considered complete until the host posts the outcome of the vote in the game text channel.


– Ties in votes

All vote ties are broken by the game host.


– 2 Minute Rule / Voting Time Limit

The 2 minute rule, which is in reference to voting, only applies to pauses. If you want to claim that someone did not vote within 2 minutes, the game must have been paused for 2 minutes. The 2 minute timer starts at the beginning of the pause.You have two minutes to submit your vote or you will be counted as voting in favor of the proposal. This time begins when the game has been paused after a vote has been posted.
The 2 minute rule does not apply to votes done during relobbies.


– Relobby voting

If you wish to have a relobby for something that does not normally require one, like if you lost a settler to a flood on turn 4 and want to relobby to turn 2, you may now request one. It requires 66% or more of other players voting plus.


– Forcing Votes

Threatening to quit or sub out of a game in order to attempt to coerce a vote in the direction you want is considered to be attempting to force a vote. So don’t do that. The only threats that are allowed to be made in order to sway votes are threats of non-personal in game domination, like “i will send all of my army to you if you don’t vote plus for cc”.

  • Conceding


    – Basic Concede rules

    • – Games must be paused for voting during the last 20 seconds of the turn.
      – A 2 minute timer will begin while the game is paused, after the concede conditions have been clearly stated in text, and negotiations have concluded.
      *Concede conditions being modified resets the 2 minute timer.
    • – Players who have not voted after 2 minutes of the last concede conditions being stated in text will become pluses
    • – First place cannot initiate a CC and has no vote in the decision
    • – The person who initiates the CC vote is automatically a plus
      • The only time this is not true is during non-standard CC vote, like as a result of a quitter