News Update 5 29 2020

[DISPUTING GAME REPORTS] If you have a dispute of a game report in ranked_reporting, please DIRECT MESSAGE the reporter of the game. They often do not see you ping them in that channel, as pings get ignored there on a regular basis. Going back and manually correcting a mistake in a report that has been processed takes a lot of time, so if you are not willing to make sure it gets corrected, by sending a direct message, we will not take the time to correct it for you.

[SELF-SUSPENSIONS] If you ask us for a self-suspension, we will help you out, but be forewarned, we will stick to the date you tell us to suspend you until, and will not be letting you off early for any reason. Doing so would defeat the purpose of the self-suspension and makes it a waste of our time. Please keep this in mind if you decide that you want to self-suspend. A moderator will confirm this disclaimer with you before suspending.

[3 DCs RULE] The host is no longer the sole deciding body for determining if a player is kicked from the game after their 3rd+ disconnect. It is now a simple majority vote between the other players in the game. This may change to a 2/3 majority in the future, but for now, it is simple majority, greater than 50% (tie means player is not kicked). Keep in mind, kicking a player in this way means you will play with AI or find a sub.

[REMAPS] The .remap command has been slightly altered to accept images instead of just image links which should make using it a big easier. Reminder: just type .remap followed by an image or a link to an image in the #remaps channel to kick off a remap vote. Also note, you may no longer do an in-game vote as well as a vote in that channel. You may only choose one, and it is up to the person asking for the remap. i.e. a vote cannot be started to remap someone else’s spawn.

[DONATIONS] Thank you all for the recent donations. If you have been thinking about getting Discord Nitro and Boosting the server, please do, as we are very close to getting the level 3 boost rewards (22/30). As a recent Nitro subscriber, I do think it’s worth it. See the #donations-patreon channel for more info and other ways to donate.

[BECOME A MODERATOR] As usual, we are always keeping an eye out for dedicated members of the community to help with our volunteering efforts. If you think you’d be a good fit, please fill out this short form: