News Update 5 24 2020

We hope everyone is enjoying the start of the Frontier Pass and also a big welcome to all the Epic Games Store players !

Steam sees the Epic Game Store as another platform so until we think of a better solution, Epic Games Store players can stage lobbies in the Staging: Epic Games Store channel and do not need to register in the welcome channel (Games will be unranked for now).

Use !EGS for more info. All normal game rules apply and games must use the .vote command.

More information: When opening the Multiplayer section in the Civilization VI main menu, a Steam copy of Civ VI will see “Internet” and “Internet (Unified PC Play)”. An Epic Games Store copy of Civ VI’s “internet” is Steam’s “Internet (Unified PC Play) therefore Steam treats an EGS copy as cross platform. Because of this, an EGS player cannot join games the normal way lobbies are set up here, and cannot get authorized by the bot because it is not a Steam copy of the game. Therefore to setup an Epic Games Store game, please use the Staging: Epic Games Store voice channel. Please note that Steam members CAN play with EGS players, but EGS players cannot play with Steam players (Unless the Steam player uses Unified). I hope I explained this well, if not please feel free to private message me ( [HoK] Under ) or one of the moderators.

A quick tutorial of how to create and/or join through Epic Games has been made by our partner Discord CivFR. You can find the english version here :

We may have some more updates soon as we are in the process of  figuring out how to integrate the different platforms within our community.

In the mean time, #onemoreturn .