Better Balanced Game 4.8.x

Latest updates and changes to Better Balanced Game Mod, version 4.8.2

Global change:

1) Every Swordman needs 5 (online speed) iron instead of 10 (including UU) Iron is discovered later and sometimes you cannot generate enough for a swordman push. It also creates some kind of balance between UU and classic swordman.

2) Reduce Nuke Device uranium cost from 10 to 7
Previous nerf was too brutal considering you cannot have uranium for sure on your land. We found a middle ground between 5 and 10 to keep in the same direction without being too brutal.

3) Initiation rites nerf to 1 warrior but rise %faith from 30% to 35%
2 warriors were too oppressive early on, but we boost the faith generation to compensate the gameplan of monumentality chop units

4) Trade treaty change, revert previous change
We try another version and hope it will be less game breaking and frustrating for players/teams
Treaty trade congress is now:
A: +4 gold for traders toward X. X receives 1 trader slot
B: -4 gold for traders from/to X (can be minus gpt trade)

5) +1 coal on shipyard
In order to feed ironclads while at war in navy

6) Venetian nerf from 100% to 75%
Wonder was too strong

Civ change:

7) Khmer remove culture bomb on holy site and faith/pop on aqueduc
The civ is getting too much tempo early on while it should be designed towar late game simming.

8) Magnificient got her passiv bufed from +2culture on lux to +2culture on lux/strat/bonus if you have castel/theatre nearby
We would like to see the civ being played beside his theater project cheese strategy. Magnificient could be a 3rd archetyp of france based on “flat culture generation”

9) Tamar now got +1 faith per envoy in city state
Tamar receives some love and it should help her being more reliable

11) TeddyRR gets +1 global combat bonus per era that he unlocks until industrial (+5max). Remove the home continent +5 and foreign continent +5
We try something on TeddyRR and change it as a global war civ. It can be compare to Zulu or Gorgo without the simming abilities.

12) Egypt external Traders +6 (instead of +4) to be stronger alternative to naval civs
Be a better gold maker without being harbor civ with the new Egypt !

A few bug fixes have been added including:
– Preserve are now counted in the district count when you’re trying to “discount”
– TeddyRR doesn’t get +5 attack/defense for city centers

Latest updates and changes to Better Balanced Game Mod, version 4.8.0

Major change :

There’s nothing more frustrating than seeing a player walk into a game, and open their filter tab to type in “Hill” and see them look at the number displayed to know if he would have a good game or not. The goal of this change is multiple : Allow flat land to be more playable, in a different way of hills land, and also give a use to the watermill as an early investment.

Watermill :
Gives food to “farm ressources” => Gives 1 production to city farms.
– Flood production yield have been reduced to compensate the early game buff.


– Kongo is considered as one of the weakest civ in the game for a long time and for good reason. We expand his UU mecanic as Leader ability as first buff. We will look at the Mbanza (Unique District) in a future patch, probably along with the Neighborhood

France Unique Improvement seem weak since Firaxis April 2021 update, we revert him to vanilla, and add it 1 base food and 1 culture/lux to match level of power of culture UI

Eleanor of England was really too strong, we didn’t want to nerf Eleanor of France which seem in a good place, that why the great admiral point was moved to Victoria, which is her main identity in draft choice.

Gran Colombia was over-nerfed at his release, this is the first step to make him viable as military civ.

– Unique Ability : Military units don’t get movement penalty on forest and jungle.
– Ngao (Unique Unit) : Base movement : 2 => 3

France, Chateaux (Unique Improvement) :
– Food is now a base yield instead of “per adjacant luxury ressources”.
– Get +2 gold if adjacent to a river [same as Vanilla]
– Get +1 gold and +1 culture for each adjacent luxury ressources.

France – Magnifique:
– Project culture and tourism per ressources : 20 => 25

Grand Colombia:
– Remove legacy nerf on Grand Colombia : All units are now able to move after being promoted

Dutch Polder (Unique Improvement) :
– +1 Production per 2 adjacent polder before replaceable part. (+1 Prod per adjacent polder at replaceable part unchanged)
– +1 Production per adjacent harbor.

Eleanor-England :
– Great admiral point on Ligthhouse is now exclusive to Victoria.

Inca :
– International trade route give +1 gold per mountain tile in origin city.

Nubia :
– Revert Legacy BBG nerf : Now have +30% Production towards range unit class and +50% XP towards range unit class.

Portugal :
– +50% on trade route yield : All yields => Gold only

Spain :
– Removed bonus production towards Harbor buildings.

Military Adjustement

Military wonders were too strong and were banned in every tournament ruleset. We reduced the amount of military strength they provide. We also revert the anti-cav buff to dynamise more the mix of units to pierce defense.
We also slow down how fast player reach Ironclad by adding Scientific Theory as requirement. The goal is to let more time to caravels/frigate fight, especially on map with a large ocean, and also let player to adapt they coal strategy

– Giant Causeway bonus combat strength : 5 => 3
– Matterhorn bonus combat strength : 3 => 2
– Melee damage bonus to anti-cavalery : 5 => 10
– Anticav Thrust promotion : 5 => 10
– Technology tree : Steam Power require Scientific Theory.


– Trade Treaty:

A: In addition to the existing modifier : Cut and prevent player domestic trade routes.
B: In addition to the existing modifier : Give +4 gold to domestic trade routes.

– Seaside Resort can be build on hill (you were able to build on hill ONLY if volcanic soil was in the tile)
– Colosseum culture yield per city in 6 tiles range : 2 => 1
– Monument To The God production towards wonders : 15% => 20%
– Audience chamber food per city with governor : 3 => 2

Nuclear Devices

– Manhathan Project cost increased (500=> 750)
– Ivy Operation Project cost Increased (500 => 750)
– Build Nuke WMD produciton cost increased (400 => 600)
– Build Nuke WMD strategic cost increased (5 => 10)
– Build Thermo nuke produciton cost increased (500 => 750)
– Build Thermo nuke strategic cost increased (10 => 20)

Bug Fixes :

– German UBoat correctly got 4 mouvment like regular submarine
– Fix a bug that cause Trajan and Torres to trigger custom Victory