Better Balanced Game 4.7.x

Latest changes and updates made in version 4.7.3 for the Better Balanced Game mod

Civilization Adjustment

– Spending builder charge on district awards 30% of its cost (from 20%).

– Removed free envoy from district without building / government plaza.

Greece (Pericles + Gorgo)
– Hoplite adjacency bonus nerfed from 10 to 7

– Get a free diplomatic policy slot

– Saka Horse Archers now cost 5 horses in online speed

– Deleted extra trade route received on government plaza (you still receive the extra trade route for plaza buildings)

Beliefs Adjustments

Crusade nerfed to +5 (from +7)
Initiation rites nerf to 30% (from 40%)
God of the Forge buffed to 30% (from 25%)
Religious Settlements nerfed to 20% (from 25%)
Holy Water heal buffed to +20 (from +10)
Stewardship buffed to +2/+2 (from +1/+1)
Jesuit Education now gives 15% discount on building purchase


Reverted 4.7.0 Moksha changes (Faith on district back to base promotion)


– Korean and english update for 4.7.3
– Spanish now supported in BBG (still have 4.7.2 texts)
– Russian, Polish, French and Chinese are 4.7.2
– German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese may have out of date texts

Latest changes and updates made in version 4.7.0 for the Better Balanced Game mod


All cities (except capital) start with 1 amenity

Recon Unit Update

=== Sight

Ranger and Spec Ops now have 3 base sight.

=== Strenght

Skirmisher are 25/35 (from 20/30 | +5/+5)
Ranger are 55/65 (from 45/60 | +10/+5)
Spec Ops are 65/75 (from 55/65 | +10/+10)
Highlander are 65/70 (from 60/65 | +5/+5)
Warakaq are 25/40 (from 20/40 | +5/+0)

=== Promotion

Lvl3 Right – Ambush: nerfed to +15 (from +20).
Lvl2 Left – Sentry: Can see through forest and +1 sight (merge of Lvl2-Left and lvl3-Left).
Lvl3 Left : Endurance: +2 Movement point.


Instead of having standard proximity for Campus/HS, get standard adjacency for HS and Campus.

Changed Science passive:
– 65% science on Eureka.
– Each tech completed give +1% science. (reducing the initial malus of -50%)
– Don’t get Eureka boost on Free Inquiry.

Great works recieve additionnal yields depending on district built in this city:
+2 Science if Campus is built;
+2 Culture if Theater square is built;
+2 Gold if Harbor or Commercial Hub is built;
+2 Faith if Holy Site is built;
+2 Production if Industrial Zone is built;
+2 Food if Neighborhood is built.
(Can’t receive other bonus yield on great work by city-states)

Kampug get +1 faith for each adjacant fishing boat

Production on unimproved wood and rainforest delayed to early empire.

Longships can only heal on coast tiles (no longer in ocean).

Feitora only give 2 gold on traderoute (from 4)
Nau can build only 1 Feitora (from 2)

Revert amenity to Firaxis (5% bonus on happy, 10% bonus on exsatatic)

Remove free war-cart from start (start with warrior like other civ).

Get +3 on Nationalism on corps and armies, +5 at mobilization is unchanged


– Divine spark gives Great People Point on Campus, Holy Site, Industrial Zone and Amphitheater.
– Fire goddess nerfed to +3 faith.
– River Goddess adjacency nerf to +1.

Policy Cards

– “Military First” moved to Mobilization (from Rapid Deployment)
– All “Strategics resources cards” give 2 flat resources in addition to the 1 extra per resource improved.
– Praeorium give 4 loyalty if a governor is assigned (from 2)
– Communications Office give 2 loyalty per governor promotion (from 1)

Governor Promotions

Magnus – Provision (Lvl1-Right promotion):
In addition to settlers not costing population, each settler formed in this city gets 1 extra movement.

Moksha – Bishop (Lvl0-Base Promotion) and Divine Architect (Lvl2-Left Promotion):
Moved 2 Faith per district from Bishop to the Divine Architect,
Faith per district up to 3 Faith/district (to match later value).


=== Industrial Zone
Workshop cost reduction to 160 (from 195) and +4 prod (from +3)
Factory 290 prod (from 330)
Coal Power Plant 330 prod (from 300)

=== Government Plaza
Units can only be bought in owned cities with the Grandmaster Chapel.

=== Holy Site
Pagoda give 1 Influence point instead of 1 Diplomatic Favour.