Better Balanced Game 3.10.x

Its March 28th and you know what that means ! Its BBG Update time. We just rolled out a new version, below you can find the details and recent bugfixes.
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Version 3.10.5

– got To Arms Golden Age +10 combat strength against cities to work

Reverted some religion changes:

– max religions, missionary sight, khmer prasat missionary marytr, condemn heretics

– condeming and defeating religious units now provides no spread/pressure to nearby cities

– monumentality now 10% discount

Reverted apostle promotions:

– eliminate returned to 75% of other pressure
– debater returned to +20 combat
– triple strength spread returned

Version 3.10.4

– city parks text updated to reflect games and rec requirement

– housing boom text updated that it works for wonders

– america foreign combat bonus text fixed and no longer works in water

– Hypaspist siege bonus increase to 10

– To Arms Golden Age combat bonus removed, as I couldnt get it to work

– Hungary Huzar alliance bonus reduced back to one so teamers can play them

– mont st michel new apostles only

– bug fix: sic hunt dracones extra pop made permanent

– religious victory:

– monumentality discount returned to 30%

– combat victories for religious units no longer spread/pressure nearby cities

– apostle promotions nerfed – eliminate 50% instead of 75% of other pressure

– debater reduced to +10 strength instead of +20

– triple strength spread reduced to double strength

Version 3.10.3

– korean text updated
– due to concerns about cheap spies, reduced sight of missionaries to 1
– removed khmer’s martyr ability for missionaries, but did not change text since these changes to religious units may get pulled in a couple of days

Version 3.10.2

– bug fix: stone circles supposed to only give +1 production
– increase max number of religions:
– standard map size now 6 instead of 5
– large now 8 instead of 6
– huge now 9 instead of 7

Version 3.10.1

– +5 when defending on home continent
– +5 when attacking on foreign continent
Eleanor France:
– Spy abilities move from Catherine to France
– +100% production towards archealogists
– Double pillage rewards instead of sharing pillage and xp
– +1 gold and culture per ikanda building

– Warrior Monks do full dmg to walls
– Cavalry, Courser, and Knight production cost slightly reduced
– Military Engineers +1 movement and roads don’t consume a charge
– Pikemen/Impi moved to stirrups

– Can no longer condemn heretics
– Trade routes religious pressure reduced to 2 outgoing and 1 returning
– Inquisitor number of charges reduced to 2 from 3
– Moksha religious pressure boost reduced to 50% from 100%

Hunt Sic Dracones:
– Golden Age now 3 population for all new cities instead of only ones on new continents
To Arms:
– +5 combat strength for units against cities

1 Relic when the following wonders are completed:
– Cristo Redentor
– St. Basil’s Cathedral
Scott Research Station:
– Can be built in tundra (and still snow). Bonus works for tundra instead of snow.

– Incense +1 Faith
– Stone Circles to become +1 prod and +1 faith instead of +3 faith
– Airports give +2 alum
– Military Academy gives +2 oil

– Bug fix: War carts work with Matterhorn