News Update 3 27 2020

Update time

The rule regarding smurfing has now been changed to a 30 day suspension (previously permanent ban with a chance to appeal after 6 months) the reasoning behind this there have been some extreme cases where people have been permanently banned for attempting to dodge very small suspensions, so we’ve given a little slack. Please note repeat offenses will still be permanently banned.

All breaks that follow the break rule are now 10 minutes (Breaks were 5 minutes)

We have a new policy on memeing members as long as you get PRE-approval from the player who is being meme’d. Pre-approval is you sending the meme to the player(s) being meme’d in private message and getting confirmation in private message TEXT that it is ok to post it in CPL. We may ask for screenshots if it’s reported that your meme was not authorized, so please follow the instructions to protect yourself. Also, a player may revoke their permission at any time and you must refrain from posting the meme any more. If the player wishes for the meme to be eradicated from the chat history, they are responsible for finding those instances and linking them to the original poster. This is easily done by right-clicking the message and then selecting ‘Copy Message Link’. Have fun. We look forward to seeing all your funny memes of each other.

During this time where there are more games due to isolation in a lot of countries, please be even more aware of rules so you can continue playing. We really don’t want to have to punish people during a time where a lot of people are stuck inside, so play nice and play fair!

Please continue to support CPL by boosting our server, if you’re also interested in applying to be a moderator, please follow the form below.
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