News Update 2/16/2020

Public Service Announcement:

It has come to our attention that some players do not understand how our justice system works here. So to clarify, the rule of law is a cornerstone of Civplayers League, the fair and even application of the rules, policies and past “case law” is key to providing the exceptional gaming experience we strive to provide here.

We do fully encourage players to solve their own problems without the staff having to intervene if possible, but once you call a staff member in, that moderator will do a detailed and exhaustive investigation, collect all the facts, and then we will make a fair ruling.

It doesn’t matter who you are, what game type you are playing, how long you have been playing here, you will all be judged according to the one set of rules we have here. No one is above the law, and to be crystal clear, there is one set of rules here that apply to everyone the same. And should you need to call a moderator in to investigate, in no way does that mean that you have immunity, if you also did something wrong that will come out in the investigation, and all players that have broken the rules will face the consequences.

Don’t want to end up in #suspended_players don’t break the rules…simple.

It seems some players are really confused for some reason about what happens when a player choses to leave a game before they “plus in” on the vote bot.

To be clear, a player is locked into the game once they plus in, but when a player leaves before plusing in, the game draft has not happened, defacto there is no legal game yet. So there is absolutely no need to scrap anything, there is no game to scrap. The Host simply has to do his/her job and make a decision, they should first try and find a replacement to take the spot, if that doesn’t work they can hold a vote to run a bot with one less player, if that fails then everyone heads back to staging and the game formation process starts over. But to be crystal clear, until the Civilization draft happens there is no legal game, and no need enact any of the rules that apply to in progress games.