News Update 2/13/2020

Public Service Announcement :

The staff would like the players to know that we are aware that the game is less stable now than just a few weeks ago. After looking at the issue, we are confident that the problem was the Jan 20th Steam App update, which has a change to the p2p code in Steam. We fully believe that Steam raised the bar on the quality of connections it enforces between players in p2p games like Civ6.

We have reported this to the Civ6 developers to investigate. But until there is a fix from Steam, we recommend that players stick to 10 player games or under, and you may have to have players join one at a time called in by the host, if you start experiencing players joining and kicking other players. If this happens during a hotjoin a re-lobby is likely needed.

Also please note that our Mods are not an issue at all, mods use very very minor CPU cycles and load at startup of the game and then remain in memory, they don’t create any game lag.