News Update 05 08 2020

Clarification: The City State vote (How many you City States you are allowed to capture and keep) got removed from the bot some time ago, we have updated the short rules to state that only one City State may be captured and held by each player. A City State is considered captured when the turn it was taken rolls over. Players may also take City States that have been captured by another player.

Clarification: The host of a game must pause the game and wait ten minutes for dropped players and quitters to re-join the game before unpausing the game, even if it seems like a rage quit.

Rule Amendment: If you have stacked units in a city, your first action must be to unstack that unit. You cannot kill enemy units to free tiles or move your other units to free tiles.

Banned Words: Banned or blacklisted words will no longer be punished in the CPL Discord text channels, the bot will simply delete them. Note that you can still face punishment if you attempt to disguise banned words in other words, spam the filter or use banned words in games and Discord voice.

Rule Addition: Firaxis crashes now count toward the 2 free drops players are allowed before the host can remove them from the game.

Clarification: Players are only allowed to be in one clan at a time, to join a new clan you must leave your old one.

For any appeals you may have, please send them to either codenaugh or Under as CanuckSoldier is currently AFK.

Please continue to support CPL by boosting our server, if you’re also interested in applying to be a moderator, please use the form below :