Better Balanced Game 3.11.3

Version 3.11.3 of the Better Balanced Game Mod is now live. You can access it from the Steam Workshop page or using this link :


Full list of changes :

After Frontier Pass:

– removed code related to Policy Card exploit
– removed code related to GG exploit
– removed code related to Pantheon exploit
– removed code related to the GA and GG that gave multiplied bonuses
– removed code related to Arrow Storm Archer promotion

Bug Fixes:

– To Arms Golden Age combat bonus now works with planes
– Castles Tech now says “France” instead of “Catherine”
– Huey modifications placed in correct file
– Cree scouts upgrade to skirmishers


– Barracks and Stable now give +2 prod instead of +1
– Ordu and Basilikoi Paides also give +2 prod instead of +1
– Armory and Military Academy give +2 Great General Points instead of +1
– Seaport gives +3 Admiral Points instead of +1
– Shopping Mall gives +6 tourism instead of +4
– Oil Power Plant production increased from 3 to 6
– Nuclear Power Plant production increased from 4 to 8
– Nuclear Power Plant science increased from 3 to 6
– Ancient walls production increased from 80 to 100
– Medieval walls production reduced from 220 to 200


– Canada Hockey Rinks now 1 era later, at Diplomatic Service
– Khmer Prasat no longer gives Martyr ability to Missionaries
– Khmer no longer gets production bonus to aquaducts
– Maori boats cannot enter ocean before Cartography
– Maori Toa -5 only works on land
– Scotland happy/ecstatic bonus percentages reverted


– Spread beliefs (culture, science, gold) all reverted to 1 per 3 followers
– Removed the extra faith on incense (back to only 1)
– Helicopters now require Oil instead of Aluminum (1 to build/upgrade, 1 per turn maintanence)
– GDRs require 2 uranium maintenance instead of 3
– Tunnels moved earlier, to Military Science
– Magnus level 2 promos swapped columns – japanese text deprecated
– Great works take 2 turns before being able to move to another city