News Update 7 3 2020

New Rule: If you leave the CPL Discord server after leaving a game, the game you left does not need to wait 10minutes to deem you a quitter. You will be punished as a quitter as soon as you leave the server.

Disconnects during the game lobby do not count toward the three disconnect rule. (If you disconnect three times in game, the lobby can vote to kick you)

Leapfrogging Rule: If a player passes another player during a concede vote, they need approval from all affected players with one exception which is the affected player is being conceded to. For example if the player in first place agrees to concede to the player in second place, the person in second may not use the leap frog rule (Even though they are effected by it)

Summary of rule updates: (see #rule-changes for more info)
– No more self suspensions.
– When voting, please pause the game, the 2 minute timer to vote starts when the game is paused.
– If you want to host rule, it must be done in the #voting channel before the .vote command is used.
– Wait for the host to finalise the vote before leaving a game

Please continue to support CPL via Patreon ( or Discord boosting our server, if you’re also interested in applying to be a moderator, please use the form below.