TheCivGive 2020

TheCivGive is a charity event organized by 9 content creators raising money for Extra Life. Extra Life is an organization that supports local sick kids hospitals and Children’s Miracle Network. The Civ Give is planning to raise $5000 collectively. The event will be taking place on December 20th at 4PM ET.

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1 foybles BAN: Korea —- Rome, Sweden, Indonesia

2 100games BAN: Simon Bolivar —- Babylon, Mapuche, Georgia

3 pb BAN: John Curtin —- Germany, Scythia, Ottomans

4 onspot BAN: Zulu —– Catherine Black Queen, Mongolia, Scotland

5 Moy BAN: Peter —– Bull Moose Teddy, Hungary, Kongo

6 ZOZO BAN: Byzantium —- Gaul, Mali, Maya

7 VB BAN: FRENCH ELEANOR —– Japan, Pericles, Egypt

8 Nystagmus BAN: Alex —– Aztec, Canada, English Eleanor

9 BOES BAN: Menelik —— Cree, Persia, Gorgo