Community Game Draft | How do the new Amenities work? | How would an Economic Victory work in Civ 6? | TheCivShow Podcast

Hello listeners!

This is a very special episode as we are drafting the winners for our Community Game Day! We selected from a hat everyone who was interested in playing this week, and selected 3 lucky winners. We reveal who they are during this episode and we draft our civilizations LIVE! The hosts don’t even know who is being drafted and the strategies for the draft are up in the air. Will 1 team be able to snag a couple of S-Tier civs? Will there be a direct counter for drafted civs?

With the August update, Firaxis reworked the way amenities work for your cities. With +5 being the new baseline for an ecstatic city, is it even possible to achieve? Is it even worth it? Is Scotland a terrible civ because amenities are so difficult? We breakdown a new way to think about amenities and how the meta has changed and how to use it to your advantage.

Very briefly at the end, our hosts talk about what it would take to implement an economic victory in Civilization 6. With the rumors on twitter with fans wanting an economic victory, how would that work? An accumulation of gold at one time? Overall gold income?




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