Community Day Analysis | Shuffle Mode Review | Apocalypse Mode Revisit

Never go to war with Russia in the winter. Zo and VektorKat quickly learned that last Sunday when playing against Moy’s Russia aided by Sharkster playing China.
The blizzards caused from Apocalypse mode’s exclusive unit, the Soothsayer, Moy was able to make turn VektorKat’s early war away while building up a strong religion filled with Science, Amenities, and the Dance of the Aurora + Work Ethic combo.
Unfortunately, the first domination elimination was handed out as VektorKat turned his army away from Russia. With his teammate Zo playing as Gran Colombia, the two turned their attention to the innocent Nystagmus Germany, and eliminated him by attacking on both sides of his empire.
Left alone, LuminescentRuby playing Scotland was not alive for much longer. The pillaging of the Campuses and the falling of her capital left Zo and VektorKat no choice but to try and invade China and Russia one more time.
Sharkster led the way in Culture, bolstering an impressive 300 Culture Per Turn by the end of the game. The clock struck midnight on the vigilantes, and Moy and Sharkster were declared the winner by Score victory! Accumulating religion, wonders, and great people to their advantage while war raged on elsewhere.
An exciting game during our community day on Sunday, and all the analysis and comments are in this podcast. The hosts also answer community questions, and talk about which Steven Spielberg movie was his worst.