News Update 4 7 2020

As mentioned earlier, breaks are now by default 10 minutes long. If you are not back within the 11th minute after the break starts you will be classed as AFK from the game and a quitter.

Subbing out of a game rules have been changed. Players now have 2 subs per month (unchanged) but any further sub after the initial two will result in a 3 day suspension. (For example if you sub out of 4 games in one month, you will receive a 6 day suspension) Previously excessive subbing would count as a quit for every sub after 2.

During this time where there are more games due to isolation in a lot of countries, please be even more aware of rules so you can continue playing. We really don’t want to have to punish people during a time where a lot of people are stuck inside, so play nice and play fair!

Please continue to support CPL by boosting our server, if you’re also interested in applying to be a moderator, please follow the form below :

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