News Update 4 22 2020


FFA and PBC databases now track how many legit 1st place finishes you have. It’s not retroactive, so everyone has 0 except for the game I just processed to test it.

You can see it in the .stats output. We will now track civs on 2 leaderboards. The long standing one, beginning from the start of Glicko usage which was Oct 2019, and another one that will periodically be reset so that you can have a little insight into how things change with BBG updates. You can find it at #bbg_leaderboard .

I believe that this sort of data set is more valuable if we set a minimum skill level to show. I think Prince+ (1700+) is the right number because it’s not very easy to get that high, and if you go any higher, the number of games and therefore the number of data points becomes very low.

Right now, all skill levels are captured, averaged, and displayed, but if you feel the same way I do and want to gain more insight by applying Prince as a minimum skill for data points to be counted, please drop a plus emoji below.

If you’d rather it be a glob of all players, please drop a minus emoji. This would only be for the one that gets reset every once in a while