News Update 3 17 2020

Some rule changes and updates :

After the draft for a game has been called, but before the lobby countdown reaches 0, a player may find a replacement within 2 skill levels as long as the host does not object. If the replacement is more than 2 skill levels above the player, the lobby must vote unanimously to agree. This does not count as a sub for the player being replaced.

Maximum alliances are now capped, for example if the vote is 2 friendships / alliances. You may only have 2, you cannot make a new friendship or alliance with a new player after your current one(s) are voted irrelevant. You are free to switch who your friends and allies are and are not bound to your first friend(s) and allie(s). Previously if a player was taken over by AI, whether that be voted irrelevant or they were free to leave and you had an alliance with this player, you could then make a third alliance with another player. Hope this clears up some misunderstanding.

You may not coach players or be coaching during a tournament game and if you are playing in a tournament game you must remain in the voice channel at all times.

No voting to be done during breaks, and all votes must be done one at a time.

Failing to report a game will now carry a one day punishment for the first offence, following offences are 3 days.

Remember to keep boosting the server so we can keep our emote slots, and you can request an emote yourself if you are a nitro booster.

If you are interested in joining the CPL mod team, please apply here: