News Update 12/27/2019

Public Service Announcement :

We would like to remind the league players that Hosts have specific responsibilities under the rules, Hosts are not just people with good connections and PC’s, they are responsible for running the game, and enforcing all the rules and policies in their games, including making sure all votes are run properly.

We have noticed more than an average amount of problems lately that are either caused by or amplified by Hosts not doing their job.

Hosts will be held to account if their lack of management of the game is responsible for problems, this may result in poor hosts being penalized. Please take your job seriously when you host a game

POLICY Change :

If you sub into a game, the minimum amount of points you will get is now set to 5 instead of 20. Now that RDs have normalized, 20 is a lot and is happening a lot more than we would like for a minimum value.

5 should really only be awarded if you are high skill with low RD or you sub into a game in which you came in last place, so you don’t get a zero. Also due to the RDs normalizing, post-t30 scraps due to quits, will only get 10 points instead of 20.