News Update 1/3/2020

For all you stats nerds, we have a lot of data dumping into a service called splunk which allows for complicated search results to be returned and displayed graphically, if so desired. Right now, it is collecting data about civs played, as well as the results of every completed pre-game vote. We will add more data in the future. As I mentioned, the searching can be a little complicated, so I recommend you watch a tutorial on splunk searching, which you should be able to find from our own splunk site. I’ve also saved a few interesting searches into the shared “Dashboard” view. Here are a couple of examples of searches:

Return all civ data: index=civ_data

Return all vote data: index=vote_data

A more complicated search to show how the Civs’ Games Played graph was generated: index=civ_data game = ffa | stats count(civ) as "Games Played" by civ | table civ "Games Played"

Another more complicated search to show the Average place of all Korea players over 1700 skill: index=civ_data game=ffa civ=Korea skill>1700 | stats avg(place)

Individual games of the above Korea players: index=civ_data game=ffa civ=Korea skill>1700 | sort skill | table skill place

If you want to check it out and play around, follow this link: