News Update 01/16/2020

Public Service Announcement :

Twitch has a new feature were streamers can change the name of cities based on using points they gain from just being in the stream chat, the points are free, and the winning viewer gets to request a city name change.

This is all great for viewer engagment and CPL certainly supports a healthy social media presence for all our streamers. But please be aware that all league policies on harassment, toxic language, memeing other players applies still fully.

So please explain this to your viewers that you can’t name a city “Canuck sucks balls”, but you could name a city “Canucks glorious happy people”.

Streamers as players are at the end responsible and if we recieve a complaint from a player about a city name, the fact that it was requested by a viewer will not exonerate the streamer from a potential punishment.

Please use this feature and engage with your viewers, but keep the names within the rules.