News Update 2/26/2020

RULE Changes


Teamers remaps are now back to their original rules (A majority vote),

ALL remap votes are now to be held on or before turn 10 by a maximum of two players (One for each team in a teamers game)

Scrap Votes:

* On or before turn 20, a scrap vote requires at least a 2/3 majority to pass.

* Between turns 21-50, a scrap vote requires at least a 3/4 majority to pass.

* Between turns 51-70, a scrap vote requires an all but 1 majority to pass.

* On or after turn 71, a scrap vote requires a unanimous vote to pass.

* If a scrap was due to a player leaving/quitting, or some sort of technical issue please let us know by adding that into the game report.

* For more information, please see rule 34 in the long rules.

* 10 turns between scrap votes *

This does not apply to scrap votes resulting from a player quitting, desyncs, or a re-lobby.

Remember we have a lot of members that play together here, try and keep the trash talk sportsmanlike and the toxicity minimal. Also remember to play fair, all exploits unless specifically whitelisted in the short rules are banned and will be punished!

Interested in joining the CPL staff team? We are always looking for new staff members, so if you’re interested in applying as a moderator, please follow this link :