Better Balanced Game 4.5.x

BBG Version 4.5.6

– Italian text full up to date
– Fix Vietnam Unique District citizen yield to match encampment yield.

With Italian language being supported now, BBG have reached 10 supported languages.

BBG Version 4.5.5

English, Italian and Korean text update

BBG Version 4.5.4

– Fix Gorgo bug when building Alhambra don’t give a combat strengh point to all units
– Fix Australia bug when building a Outback Station don’t give appeal to adjacent tile
– Fix bug when config screen in french display chinese/korean entry.

BBG Version 4.5.3

– Fix a bug when Australia give production on pasture to every civ in the games.
– Fix a bug when Chateaux can be build adjacant to another one.

– French, Chinese and Korean language update.

BBG Version 4.5.2


America (Teddy-RR):
– Rough Riders have +5 combat strengh when fighting on a hill (from +10).

– Campus and Holy Site recieve a standard adjacency from other district (instead of a minor).
– Mamluk is now at 53 strengh (from 50).

– Outback station can now be build on hills and provide 1 appeal to adjacent tile.
– +1 Production on pastures.

– Tlachtli now grant +1 culture and +1 amenity in every city within 6 tiles.

– Carnaval and Water carnaval now doesn’t cost a district population slot.

– Cities in tundra get +1 food on city-center.
– Mounties reverted to BBG 4.4 ; combat strenght up to 70, production cost up to 360 (from 62/290).

– Red Coats have +5 combat strenght when fighting on a foreign continent (from +10).

– Gardes Imperiale have +5 combat strenght on home continent (from +10).
– Chateau reverted to BBG 4.4, but can’t be build next to another and don’t require a river.

– Gorgo get +1 combat strenght for every military card SLOT (from military card in government).

– Hussars get +2 combat strenght for every city-states suzed (from +1).

– Get +1 production on mountain tile when reached industrial era (from when GAME reaches industrial era).

– Faith per population in city with aqueduct reduced to 0.5 (from 1).
– Culture per population for Prasat reduced to 0.3.

– Get 1 relic for each government plaza building (but not the government plaza itself).
– Receive back their +50% great writer points.
– +4 faith for each sculture and artifact.
– Bias adjusted.

– Mandekalu Cavalry nerfed to 53 combat strenght (from 55)

– Loyality when killing a unit in other civ border lowered to 15 (from 20), still double versus civ in golden/heroic age.

– Removed free builder when settling a city within 6 tiles of capital.

– Keshig range strenght nerfed to 40 and production cost increased to 180.

– Berserker are now 40 strenght, +10 when attacking. [May be rethinked for next version]

– Pyramid get +2 faith, +1 food base yield, and +2 yield depending adjacent district (+2 food for city-center).

– Winged Hussard moved to Reformed Church, Combat strenght lowered to 60. [May be rethinked for next version]

– Great people point in Lavra moved from 1 Tier:
– Temple provide 1 great writer point.
– Worship building provide 1 great artist point.
– (Shrine don’t provide additional great people point.)

– Removed free builder when settling a city on a new continent.
– Conquistador have +5 combat strenght when adjacent to a missionary (from +10)

– Get +1 combat strenght for every level of the most advanced alliance.

– Queen’s bibliotheque now doesn’t prevent building other tier 2 government plaza buildings.

– Revert to Firaxis : Unique district get +2 culture for every adjacent district (from +1)

– Get 2 gold and 1 culture for each building in Ikanda (from 2 gold, 1 science).

– Planes get -5 on both attack and defense (from -10 on both attack and defense).
– Battleship up to 65 melee strenght and 75 ranged strenght (from 60/70).

– Added “Civilized” barbarian setting that reduce camp spawn rate and delay barbarians galley.
– Civilized barbarian is the default setting if you use “CPL FFA” preset in Multiplayer Helper.
– English, French, Portuguese and Korean language are up to date.

Bug Fixes:
– Scientific victory panel repaired.
– Eureka text up to date to match Firaxis change.
– Fix Scotland adjacency bug with golf course and entertainment complex.

BBG Version 4.5.1


– Trade route bonus yield for continent split reduced to x2 instead of x3.
– Fix mission double requirement (now require only theology).

– Holy Site got major adjacency proximity bonus for food instead of getting food equals to holy site yield.

– Fix mapuche +5 against golden and heroic ages.

– Man at arms moved to military tactics.
– Infantery is correctly 75 strengh (was 72)

Miscellaneous :
– Fixed bugs in custom victory condition. (Faster RV and SV)

English, French, Russian and Korean texts are up to date.

BBG Version 4.5.0

– Unique building stay at 3 culture

Digger combat to 78 (keep extra movment from BBG infantery buff)

Revert to Firaxis
No longer recieve food for tundra tile
No longer get food and production on parks
Mounties revert to Firaxis
Increased the yields of Mines and Lumbermills on Snow and Tundra to +2 Production.
Increased the yield of Camps on these terrains to +2 Food. Farms provide +2 Food on these terrains.

Now when completing a Wonder, receive a random Eureka and Inspiration from the era of the Wonder.

Château: +2 Culture and +1 Gold at base. +1 Culture for each adjacent wonder (increasing to +2 with Flight). +2 Gold for being on a River. Must be adjacent to a Bonus or Luxury resource not adjacent to another Château.
Garde Imperial: Combat Strength increased to 70 (was 65)

Keep BBG 50% faith on kill online speed (Firaxis: 50% faith on kill normal speed)
Khevsur revert to Firaxis

T5 River Bias

+1 str for each red card
Hoplite 28 str (from 25)

Added +1 additional Production to Mountains when the game reaches the Industrial Era.
Inca Terrace Farm: Now gives +1 Housing (was +0.5).

Keep BBG T2 costal bias (Firaxis: no bias => T3 costal bias)

Revert to Firaxis
No longer give a free Missionary on Prasat
No longer Trade routes to or from other civilizations give +2 Faith to both parties
Revert Domrey to Firaxis
Cities with an Aqueduct receive +1 Amenity from entertainment and +1 Faith for every Population. Farms provide +2 Food if adjacent to an Aqueduct and +1 Faith if adjacent to a Holy Site.
Holy Sites are granted a Major adjacency bonus with Rivers, a Culture Bomb, Food equal to its adjacency bonus, and +2 Housing, if on a River.
Prasat: +6 Faith. +0.5 Culture for every Population. Receive +10 Tourism per turn in cities with 10 population. Cities with 20 population are granted double this number.

Relics, Artifacts, and Sculptures also give +1 Faith.
Removed Great Writers from his additional Great people points.

Science +1 science for mines adjancent to Seowons. Science +1 science for farms adjancent to Seawons.
Seawon still +2, +1 for every 2 mines and does culture bombs.

Toqui: Cities with an established Governor provide +5% Culture, +5% Production, and +10% Combat Experience towards all units trained in this city. These numbers are tripled in cities not founded by the Mapuche. All cities within 9 tiles of a city with your Governor gain +4 Loyalty per turn towards your civilization.
Swift Hawk: +5 Combat Strength when fighting Free Cities or civilizations that are in a Golden or Heroic Age. Defeating an enemy unit within the borders of an enemy city causes that city to lose 20 Loyalty and 40 Loyalty if that player is in a Golden or Heroic Age.
Still +5 combat strenght instead of +10
Chemamull revert to Firaxis
Malon Raider strenght change to 48, cost increased to 230

Farms now recieve +1 Production for every adjacent Observatory.
Non-capital cities within 6 hexes now also receive a Free builder when the city is founded.
Keep BBG Bias

Ordu now gives XP to Siege units
Keshig: Melee/Ranged Combat Strength increased to 35/45 (was 30/40). Costs 160 Production (was 180).

Trade Routes provide +2 Loyalty (was +1) per turn for the starting city.
Trade Routes sent or receive from a foreign civilization grant +2 Culture to the Netherlands. (Was already in BBG)

+30% Production toward Ranged units.
Reverted Pyramid to Firaxis = (keep QoL valid placement, can be placed on plain, grassland and floodplain)

Added +1 Governor Title when Gunpowder Technology is unlocked.
Niter is now a Tier 5 start bias.

Appeal bonus reduced to +1 (was +2).

Taking territory from a foreign city with a Culture Bomb converts it to the majority religion (was only the religion founded by Poland).
Winged Hussar: Revert to Firaxis: Combat Strength increased to 64. Unlocks with Mercantilism. Replaces Cuirassier. Cost increased to 330. Maintenance increased to 5 Gold.

Reduced the number of free tiles in new cities to 5 (was 8).
Revert gpp to Firaxis: Moved the Great Writer point to the Shrine, the Great Artist point to the Temple, and the Great Musician point to the Tier 3 Worship building.

Trade Routes receive +3 Gold, +2 Faith, and +1 Production. Trade Routes between multiple continents receive triple these numbers. Cities not on your original Capital’s continent receive +25% production towards districts and a builder when founded.
Inquisitors can Remove Hersey one extra time. Inquisitors eliminate 100% of the presence of other Religions. Combat and Religious units have a +5 Combat Strength against players following other religions.
Keep BBG Mission
Removed coastal Bias and added T3 Geothermal.
Conquistador to 58 str.

DON’T get 5 Combat Strength to units when they and their ally are at war with a common foe.

Thành: No longer provides a Great General point.

Isibongo: Buildings in the Ikanda receive +2 Gold and +1 Science (insead of +1 culture +1 gold)

General changes
Pikeman and Zulu’s Impi back to Military Tactics

UU Balancing
Black Army to 49 str (from 47 str)
Oromo to 48 str (from 46 str)
Rough Rider Revert to Firaxis
Mandekalu to 55 str (from 49)
Tagma to 50 str (from 48)
Toa to 38 str (from 40 str BBG)
Berserker to 48 str, +10 on attack and -5 on melee defense (from BBG 35 str, +15 on attack)