Better Balanced Game 4.4.x

Version 4.4.0 changes:


Portugal :
– Get +1 Traderoute capacity for each era (ancient included) insead of +1 Traderoute capacity for each civ meet.

Gaul :
– Culture on mines delayed to Bronze Working
– Oppidum don’t give apprenticeship when build.

Byzantium :
-Tagma give +2 combat strength to adjacent unit (instead of +4)


Spain :
– Can now directly build fleet and armada from shipyard (insead of seaport for other civs) (Fleet and armada still unlock at mercenaries and mercantilism).
– +25% production towards harbor buildings.

England :
– +1 Great Admiral point on Lighthouse.

Gorgo, Macedon and Georgia :
– Culture, Science and Faith doubled on kill (it’s now scaled on online speed).


Summeria :
– Now sharing Experience and plunder rewards with allies within 5 tiles radius.
– No longer receive extra experience.


– Sewer get +1 amenity
– The great scientist, Ibn Khaldun, now provide correctly +40% to amenity yields bonus. (was actually 20% despite the description)
– Spy Listen outpost and counterspy mission last 50 turns (You can cancel it when you want)