better balanced game 4.2.x

Better Balanced Game 4.2.x

Better Balanced Game
Version 4.2.4 changes

Emergency Fix of Audience chamber :

Put as it was pre Firaxis patch (3 foods, 3 housings, 1 amenity, 2 gouv titles)

Version 4.2.3 changes

– Vietnam Combat strength on feature reduce to +2 (+4 in Vietnam territory)

Bug Fixes:

– Zulu correctly get +5 on mobilisation and not randomly at philosophical politics or nationalism.

– Lisbon and Nan Madol text are correctly updated

Version 4.2.2 changes

– Byzantium :
Religious spread on kill is now 5 times the base combat strengh of the killed unit in 5 tiles range (kill a scout will spread 50, a warrior 100, …)
– Hungary :
Remove second envoy when levy a city-state with a government t2 building

– Australia get +50% production when liberating city (and not +100%)
– Submarines and uboat now don’t require oil.

(English and French text has been updated)


Version 4.2.0 changes

Naval Units:
– Destroyer movement points : 6 (from 4)
– Airplane Carrier movement points : 5 (from 3)
– Submarine Movement points : 4 (from 3)
– Submarine Now does not require strategic resources.

– Lisbon: Trade-routes on land now cannot be plundered.
– Armags: Faith on monasteries : 3 (from 2)
– Nan Madol: Culture per district adjacent to the coast or to a lake : 1, 2 after Exploration is unlocked (from 2 permanently)

Civilization nerf:
– Ethiopia bonus science and culture from faith generation : 10% (from 15%)
– Cree now only grants a free trade route capacity (instead of a trader) after Pottery is unlocked – Zulu bonus strength on corps and armies delayed to Mobilization (from Nationalism)
– Phoenicia bonus movement points on embarked settlers : 1 (from 2) – Scotland golf course:
Now unlocked at Reformed Church (from Games and Recreation)
Now only gives one amenity, but gives one bonus amenity if adjacent to an entertainment complex

– Defenser of faith bonus strength: +3 (from +5)
– Simultaneum and Grand Opera adjacency requirement: 3 (from 4)

– Great work yields from new great people (and future one) now are fully aligned to all great people.