Better Balanced Game 4.1.x

PATCH NOTES – courtesy of Yellister
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“Welcome to 4.1 Patch ! First of all, apologies from BBG Team and myself for the confusion last patch. It was the debut patch and we weren’t fully ready. We will ensure it will not happen again. That being said, we can now keep going with this next patch, arriving for you straight up like a christmas gift. We’re gonna speak about under-used or never-used civs as we will buff some of them right now as a major focus of the patch. There will also be balance tweaks and bugfixes from last firaxis patch.

Without further adue, let’s get into it.”



Translations added + small tweaks

:arrow_down_small: War-cart
– Strength to 26 (from 28)
– Production to 55 (from 45)
Now gives +4 strength against barbarians


:arrows_counterclockwise: Radio Oranje

Fixed a bug when trading with a player or a city state was not giving the culture yields





“We decided to revamp a bit the civ and keep the focus as Sumeria is supposed to be the first civilization to have ever existed. We kept some of Sumeria’s early bonuses she had while trying to balance it so civ stays fair and fun to play against. We will listen to your feedback on it as we wanna make sure the civ fits a goal.”
:new: Bias upgraded to tier 3 floodplains (Gathering Storm only)
:new: Leader trait : Shūtur eli sharrī (Surpassing All Kings)
– Now grants 25% XP on all units (from 0)
– Starts now with a war-cart in the ancient era
– Levy cost and bonus when cleaning a barb camp unchanged
:new: Leader trait : The Cradle of Civilization
– Farms now gets +1 food if next to a river
– Farms now gets +1 production if next to a Ziggurat after Early Empire
:arrows_counterclockwise: War-carts
– Now 28 strength (from 36)
– Now 45 production (from 80)
– Now unlocked at start (from Horseback riding)
:arrow_down_small: Price upgraded to 120 (from 90)
:arrows_counterclockwise: Ziggurats
– Still gives +2 science, +1 culture, +1 culture at Cultural Heritage, +1 tourism at Flight
– Now gives 1 faith per district or per two farms
– Now cannot be built next to another Ziggurat (from Hills only)


“The balance issues of Hungary has always been the same since its release. It has always been too strong (too oppressive with city-states) or too weak (not doing enough to annoy the opponent). We give it back some of its power (and shift it directly towards city-state control) without it being unbearable from start but scaling over time.”

:arrow_up_small: Raven King
– Levied units are now +3 strength (from 0)
– Gain 2 envoys when levying cs from tier 2 government buildings onward (from 1)
:arrows_counterclockwise: Huszars
– Now gets +1 per city-state Hungary controls (from +1 per alliance)


“Considered the worst civ in the game by a lot of people, it seems like Netherlands really suffers from having a high tier on coast. We are decreasing it but it might not be enough for it to be played. We are keeping our eye on it as we want the civ to be considered good enough so players feel confident picking her, but we do not wanna overbuff it right away.”

:arrow_up_small: Bias
– Coast bias tier to 5 (from 2)
:arrow_up_small: Radio Oranje
– Trade routes to other players and city-states to 2 culture (from 1)


“Too oppressive with straight-up unlocking techs when having Eurekas, we are decreasing the amount it brings so you cannot unlock the full tech and need to get there before unlocking it. This therefore stops the cases of Infantry or Caravels super early in the game.”

:arrow_down_small: Enuma Amu Enlil
– Eurekas now provide 85% of Science required for technologies (from 100%)


“Phoenicia is too hard to punish right now because you need to be sure you one-shot kill in her boundaries for the unit to die. We are taking that away so it feels more fair to attack her”

Cothons – Bonus regeneration inside borders to 0 (from 100)

Faith generation

“Still considered too high, we tone down a bit the numbers.”

Dance of the aurora
– Now brings proximity bonuses only to flat tundra tiles (from all)
:arrow_down_small: Worship buildings
– Cost to 180 (from 120)

Great People

“The entirety of new great people seem strong or balanced, except for one : Imhotep, that is too strong because he can produce in less than a turn two wonders in online speed. We are taking away one of its charges so it feels like civilizations having control over early engineers do not steal every wonder from other players if your name is not China.”

:arrow_down_small: Imhotep – Charges to 1 (from 2)


“It has always felt infinitely unfair to lose civilian units to disasters, especially when tile is untouched, as it can be a game-ender on RNG status that you sometimes cannot control. We have decided to take this part of RNG away as it was bringing often nothing but early concedes or irrelevancies for no skill expression at all.”

:arrow_up_small: Civilians (settlers, builders) now cannot die to most of disasters.

Bug fixes


“If you did not know… yeah. N’Gazargamu was still 20% per building, though it said 10. But we are correcting it now. Too late to abuse it ! N’Gazargamu now correctly works with displayed amount of discount


Being suzerain from Nalanda more than one time do not bring free techs to every improvement you do after the first.


Now applies correctly to Nihang warriors.

Holy waters

Fixed a bug where taking Holy waters would fully heal your unit inside your borders.


Fixed a bug where Wall-breaker ability was not working.


Fixed a bug where Mapuche’s toqui ability would not work against civilizations in heroic age. Tooltip now correctly works aswell.

Religious victory

Fixed bugs where some leftovers from 4.0 beta were still there when not implemented in live patch.