BBG Update 3.8.1

Hello there and we hope you had a nice weekend !

We just pushed another update for the Better Balance Game mod. With all the tournament games going on, we really encourage you to unsubscribe and subscribe again to the Mod on steam in order to make sure you have the latest version !

Latest changes :

– Reverted Gorgo’s Culture on kills to 50%

– Alexander now gets +25% Science per kill

– Monumentality discount reduced from 30% discount to 20% discount

– Inquisitors remove 50% of other religions from a city instead of 75%

– Trade routes now give 6 pressure instead of 3 to the receiving city

– Hungary levy ability give no combat strength bonus. Does give 1 movement and 1 envoy

– +1 score for tech and civics (now 4/3)

– Wonders score reduced to 4 (previously 5)

– Great People score reduced to 3 (previously 5)

– GEORGY_ZHUKOV and HORATIO_NELSON retirement abilities removed due to bug

Have fun and as always everyone is welcome to check out the latest conversion in our BBG Discord server 🙂