Better Balanced Game Update 12/10/2019

Version 3.6.1

Here we go !

Another update to the BBG Mod just came out today and is available on the Steam Workshop already !
We did a major rework of Persia, giving it alot of love and making it special in the grand scheme of things.
Here is the full list of changes :

  • American Film Studios give +50% tourism instead of +100%
  • Egyptian Sphinxes can no longer be built next to each other
  • Persian Pairidaeza gets +1 Culture when adjacent to a Campus
  • Persian Pairidaeza gets +1 Gold when adjacent to an Industrial Zone
  • Persian Pairidaeza gets +1 Gold when adjacent to a Harbor
  • Persian internal trade routes get +2 Culture at Medieval Faires
  • Persian internal trade routes get +4 Culture at Urbanization
  • Persian internal trade routes get +2 Gold at Banking
  • Persian Internal trade routes get +4 Gold at Economics
  • Persian units get +3 Combat Strength when attacking
  • Scotland’s happy bonus increased from 5% to 10%
  • Scotland’s ecstatic bonus increased from 10% to 15%
  • Scotland’s Highlander gets +10 defense strength
  • Magnus’ Surplus Logistics promotion now gives +2 Production
  • Cliff of Dover can now be settled
  • Communism’s Collectivization card now gives +2 Production for domestic trade routes
  • Goddess of Fire Pantheon Faith from volcanic soil and geothermals doubled to +4
  • Domrey’s returning as catapult replacement; Can move & shoot, and have +5 offense & defense
  • Roman Baths getting culture per adjacent district back, but only as minor adjacency this time
  • Warrior Monk change reverted, but +5 instead of +3 combat strength
  • France’s tourism from wonders bonus cut in half (now +50%)
  • Tourism from relics reduced to 4 (from 6… 8 orig)
  • Mali reverted to base game

    Exploits fixed
    – pantheon stacking
    – policy card changing at any time
    – Great General/Great Admiral permabonuses

    – Georgia UU requires iron now
    – Dutch UU requires niter now

A big thank you to everyone involved !
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