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Staging channel: Private-FFA / Look out for lobby links in #lobby-links on CPL Discord!
The ingame slots are on a first come, first served basis, no holding slots! Be quick!
Make sure you are logged in and registered on our discord server to have access to the channels!

Start date: February 3rd
End date: March 3rd

$525 Prize Pool to be split between 10 players:
– 1st Place $200
– 2nd Place $100
– 3rd Place $50
– 4th – 10th $25 each (alternatively the 7 players 4th – 10th can choose to have a mini cup game)


In Game Rules : Standard CPL FFA

Point Structure
1st Place: 20 pts
2nd Place: 10 pts
3rd Place: 5 pts
4th Place: 3 pts
First player out: 1 pt

Bonus Win Points:

You have to get to the victory screen.
Win Con:
Diplomatic Victory: 10 pts
Win Con: Religious Victory: 10 pts
Win Con: Domination Victory: 10 pts
Win Con: Culture Victory: 10 pts
Win Con: Science Victory: 10 pts

Bonus Wonder Points:

Colosseum on or before turn 34: 4 pts
Oracle on or before turn 30: 4 pts
Artemis on or before turn 20 4 pts
Ruhr Valley on or before turn 75: 4 pts
Etemenanki on or before turn 25: 4 pts
Great Bath on or before turn 20: 4 pts
Mausoleum at Halicarnassus on or before turn 45: 4 pts
Statue of Zeus on or before turn 45: 4pts

Bonus Military Points:

100% of that military unit has to be built , Inc Cores/ Armies. you can build other military units but require 1000 of that type to gain the pts.
1000 Military in scouts: 2 pts
1000 Military in classic era naval units: 2 pts
1000 Military In classic Era Land Units : 2 pts

2000 Military in Tanks : 2pts
2000 Military in AntiCav: 2pts
4000 Military in Helicopters : 6 points

Find out more bonuses and points that you can achieve by reading the dedicated channels on discord!