gs championship

The GS Player’s Championship is a FFA based tournament that will decide who is the player that can stand alone against all others ! The rules, schedule and game settings have been released and you can now enlist in the tournament to get your slot in the #gspc-schedule-and-reservations channel on CPL Discord !

All players need to have both Civilization VI expansions (Rise & Fall and Gathering Storm).

The first game will be held on Friday, January 31st, 2020. We wish you all good luck and may the best player win !

Turn Timer: Fast Dynamic Turn Timer

Start Era: Ancient

City States: Default Map Size

Disaster Intensity: 4

Game Speed: Online

Map: Pangaea

Map Size: Game Size Dependent

Resources: Standard

World Age: New

Start Position: Balanced

Temperature: Standard

Rainfall: Standard

Sea Level: Standard

Victory Conditions: All Enabled

No Duplicate Civilizations: Disabled

No Duplicate Leaders: Enabled

No Barbarians: Disabled (barbs on)

No Teams: Disabled

No Tribal Villages: Disabled (huts on)

Teams Share Visibility: Enabled

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1. All GSPC Qualifiers will use a modified Diplo+ format. Players will be allowed ONE friendship/alliance at a time. Private messaging will be allowed with your officially allied player only.

2. Trading will be allowed with the following exception. Trading/gifting gold and strategic resources will only be allowed with your official ally.

3. All victory conditions will be enabled.

4. GSPC Qualifiers will include a minimum of 6 players and maximum of 10 players per match. If we have more than 10 players for any given time slot, we will start an additional match. In the case of an odd number of players, we will use the smaller map size with low sea level and remove two city states.

4a. All players will earn one participation point for every GSPC match they complete.

5. If you are suspended during the tournament, you may not play during those days. We reserve the right to DQ you from the remainder of the Tournament if we deem your offense that caused the suspension bad enough.

6. GSPC semi finals will be Unanimous CC with all victory conditions available except Diplo format. The winners of each semi final will qualify for the finals along with the players who survive the most number of turns for a total of Ten players.

7. GSPC finals will be Ironman War Rules with all victory conditions except diplo.

8. All other CPL rules will be in effect unless specifically stated otherwise.

9. Prize(s) for the champion are still being finalized and will be revealed soon…like, Firaxis soon…

10. Games played under GSPC can only be scrapped by a moderators approval.

The championship schedule can be found on the CPL Discord in #gspc-schedule-and-reservations channel.

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