Amateurs Tournament Season 3
Tournament director : ZATYGOLD

Amateurs Tournament Season 3

CPL Rules and Guidelines can be found here

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Round 1

Time : Monday, June 7th through Thursday, June 17th

Ranks : Settler and below

Max 5 games per player and 10 points needed to advance to the next round
As players qualify for the next round their seed numbers will be determined when scheduling
Round 2 games Once qualified, those players will not play again until Round 2

Round 2

Time : Saturday, June 19th

The top 16 available players who have qualified and/or participated in the tournament.
Two scheduled games determined by seed number to victory screen Top 4 from each game will advance to the final game

Final Round

Time : Sunday, June 20th

The top 8 available players who have participated in the tournament.
One scheduled game to victory screen

Rise & Fall and Gathering Storm expansions are required

Games: Scheduled games (8 person FFA), hosted by approved players, casters, and/or Moderators Report games in #ranked_reporting, but with additional information (ex. Game Type: FFA Amateurs). No tying unless in-game scores are exactly the same

Points System

1: +8
2: +4
3: +2
4: +1

Championship Awards:

1st: +300 Rank Points
2nd: +200 Rank Points
3rd: +100 Rank Points
4th: +50 Rank Points
5th: +45 Rank Points
6th: +40 Rank Points
7th: +35 Rank Points
8th: +30 Rank Points

In Game Settings

All Games:

FFA – 8 Player maximum

Game Duration – Unlimited (Required)


All Victory conditions – Allowed
Duplicate Civilizations – Allowed


Communication: All Public Only
Official Friends/Allies: 0
Gold Gifting/Trading: Not Allowed
Strategics Gifting/Trading: Not Allowed
Luxuries Gifting/Trading: Allowed
Game Duration: Unlimited
Map Type: Pangea
World Age: New
Resources: Abundant
Strategics: Abundant
Mountain Chokes: Classic
Disasters: 1
Draft Trading: Not Allowed
Civ Bans: None

Hosting Games

If you are interested in hosting a game in the Amateurs Tournament, feel free to contact one of the CPL Moderators.

Casting Games

If you would like to cast these games, please register with the Tournament Director,