Beyond the game has been continuously developed through the years to support the multiplayer community and has been consistently used for the CCC (Civilization Clan Championship) for over a decade. It’s a holistic MOD which implements a lot of features aiming at making multiplayer a much smoother, and a much more competitive, experience. It has a lot of features (changeable timer speed in-game, host menu in-game), options (lot’s of tweaks on possible bans, limited effects like flanking, tech discount,…), new scenarios, new maps; without forgetting the possibility of joining a game as a Spectator to assist and comment on games.

It includes its very own expansion to the game, Beyond the play, which forms the bedrock of versions 2.x (all of theĀ features actionable via options). It has been in constant development and refinement by top multiplayer players since 2017.

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If your interested in the discussion and update logs, you can find them here :

Interview Creator – Penny

The original work of Beyond the Game was a team effort of the CivPlayers community to come up with a support for our championship, we had to have essential features to have the possibility of having all our games and events played in a smooth, fun, manner over a week-end.

With version 2.x I wanted to expand the game to exploit its true potential at the highest multiplayer level. Through it’s re-balancing effort, I wanted to present not only new original ways to play (new Civ, Units or even brand new Unique Civic); but also make it that all civilizations and traits had an interesting, and competitive, chance of being utilised.
The bulk of the work was to make all traits good in all scenarios, all Civilizations good in Epic-like games, and all Civilizations good in their designated era of play.

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