January 2020 Challenge

Have the world admire the wonders and awe of the Persian empire !

Civilization : Persia
Victory Type : Culture
Difficulty : Deity
Map : Small Pangeea 6 Players
Speed : Online
Resources : Abundant
World Age : New
Disasters : 4

Download save file here :


Whoever posts in the quickest culture victory wins. If there is no winner, the longest survivor will win.

Capturing capital cities is not allowed.

You must win the game before any other civilization.

This challenge is played with the BBG V3.1 mod and the BBS mod. More details on the mods here

All expansions and DLC included.

Diplomatic victory is allowed. A separate 1 week champion tag may be issued to the quickest diplomatic victory. *In order to be eligible, no other victory condition must have been reached by any other civilization.

Discussion channel : #challenge_chat

CPL Challenge - Persia

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