This long standing event has changed shape and form but endured since its original debut in Civilization 3. This year, it will be held from March 19th until March 21st 2021 and will oppose many clans on various challenges. It is a 24 hour/day event which has no downtime from beginning to end. The clan that accumulates the most points simply wins the Cup.

This year, 4 major discipline categories have been selected. Note that clans may choose to only partake in some of those categories.

Free For All

The short version of Free For All where one representative per clan is sent to face the others. The FFA category is the biggest in terms of number of events and the points tally. It also includes all the now-traditional for Civilization 6 ‘fun games’ and extra rulesets on which the players may have to perform in a FFA format.
This category also includes an Iroman game and, this Ironman game may unlock a second bonus Ironman on the Sunday for the best performances.


The FFA version of team games. Each clan sends 2 representatives to compete.
*note that this year, the 2v2v2v2 category also unlocks a bonus category of 2v2 for the best performances.


The duel category is a swiss round tournament format. Each clan will need to send 1 representative for every round (5) . As we put forward the Zlan style, a specific rule set is portrayed for this highly competitive format.


The category also known as ‘’teamers’’ will require 4 members per clan in a swiss round tournament format. (5 rounds). It is this year inspired by the CWC ruleset imitating the World Cup experience.